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Universal Pre-setting and Calibration Machine

Part#: SHGMRG231
Supplier: Shimana
Calibration Certificate: is available at extra cost
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The SHIMANA Universal Pre-setting and Calibration Machine is a PRESETTING BENCH that simplifies the setting of 2-point (ID and OD) and 3-point bore gauges. It replaces the traditional way using a lot of different rings masters and gage blocks.

Thanks to innovative adapters, a positioning error will be eliminated and the speed of presetting increased. You just input the dimension into the key board and the required mobile carriage will position itself automatically onto this position.

The mobile carriage system will always stay in the desired position even when applying a force on the anvils. The stable granite base combined with a high precision measuring system guarantees excellent measuring results. Using a tolerance table the carriage can be positioned to the selected tolerance range.

This SHIMANA Universal Pre-setting and Calibration Machine achieves a typical return on investment of 2 years. The acquisition of new rings and their calibration will be eliminated.

Designed for the workshop and hostile environments, the SHIMANA SHGMRG231 can be also used in the metrological room.


  • Cost saving, in terms of non-purchasing master rings and gage blocks: the machine can replace, Micron per Micron, any master ring plus all gage blocks.
  • Reduction of the zeroing and pre-setting operations.
  • Better accuracy in pre-setting: the operation with the gage blocks requires    precision and time: with the Shimana machine you just have to enter the value.
  • Easy to operate: in any zeroing operation you have one fixed point    and the chance to have 2 hands free to reach the minimum point. The operator error is reduced.
  • With patented adapters that guide the instruments during the operations, the Shimana system can work on the internal and the external of the ceramic blocks.
  • The hardness of the ceramic ensures durability.
  • If certified by a recognized authority can be a certified Primary Reference which allows the company to do the In-house calibration of the instruments and consequently represents a cost saving option and ensures the permanent availability of the instruments in the workshop.

Display and software features

  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • Program in english and french
  • LCD Display with 20 characters
  • Programming of 100 toleranced dimensions
  • Stores up to 100 positions ( OD + ID )
  • SW interface with remote PC / Printer
  • Connectivity and Storage via USB
  • Manual or automatic displacement
  • Internal and external measurements

shimana computer calibrating machine



Need to have this new Shimana SHGMRG231 Universal Pre-setting and Calibration Machine calibrated? While this gauge has passed a quality control check, having a calibration certificate for calibration equipment might be required by your quality control system. Digital Measurement Metrology (owner of is a canadian metrology company with more than 25 years of experience. Our Brampton, Ontario based calibration lab has one of the most comprehensive ISO 17025 accredited calibration scope in Canada.

Do you have an old Shimana gauge to be calibrated? We might be able to calibrate Shimana calibration equipment (Shimana SHGMRG231 or a different model) and provide an ISO, NIST traceable calibration certificate. Please contact our metrology lab for more info.

Ordering info

SKUDescription Application range Accuracy ResolutionIn Stock
SHGMRG-150060"/1500 mm Internal: 1 - 300 mm (0.04 - 12 in)
External: 40 - 340 mm (1.57 - 13.5 in)
U95 = 1,5 μm + L(mm)/300
(0.000060 in+L(in)/11.81)
0.001 mm 0
SHGMRG-200080"/2000 mm Internal: 10-1500 mm
External: 40-1540 mm
U95 = 3 μm+L(mm)/500 0,0005 mm 0
SHGMRG-3000120"/3000 mm Internal: 10-3000 mm
External: 40-2040 mm
U95 = 3 μm+L(mm)/500 0,0005 mm 0
SHGMRG-S30012"/300 mm Internal: 1 - 300 mm (0.04 - 12 in)
External: 40 - 340 mm (1.57 - 13.5 in)
U95 = 1,5 μm + L(mm)/300
(0.000060 in+L(in)/11.81)
0,0005 mm
(0.000020 in)
SHGMRG-S50020"/500 mm Internal: 1 - 500 mm (0.04 - 20 in)
External: 40 - 540 mm (1.57 - 21 in)
U95 = 1,5 μm+L(mm)/300 or (0.000060 in+L(in)/11.81) 0.0005 mm
(0.000020 in)
To order Universal Pre-setting and Calibration Machine or technical assistance please contact us.

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